Best 27 inch Monitors Under $200 – [2022 Updated]

If you want the standard monitor for your desk that is neither 24 inches nor too big with 32 inches, a 27 inches display screen fits the best way. However, the challenge starts when you only have a set budget which you cannot make flexible, at all. And if you want the latest tech gear as well there are high chances that you choose a wrong display.

But the good news today we have listed the best 27 inches monitors under $200 that can be ideal for multi purposes. After testing multiple monitors for gaming and office tasks, we sifted the top 5 choices that are worth noticing.

For example, these displays can be ideal for office working, gaming, streaming, studies, and more. So let’s read the fuller reviews and see which one you pick!

Best Budget 27 inch Monitors Under $200 Review

Sceptre IPS 27" LED Gaming Monitor
Image Credit: Amazon

Sceptre IPS 27″ LED Gaming Monitor


Wall mounting design remote view

Deeper and rich colors with best viewing angles

Comes with in-built speaker with loud audio

Sharper visibility from any angle

Anti flicker technology for better screen performance 


Its prone to breakage, needs durability

Limited angle adjustment

How Sceptre can be a space-saving monitor for your desk?

With its larger screen with narrow bezels and the IPS screen the vividness of colors and their brightness never feels compromised. The resolution is stretched with 1920 x 1080p and the 99% sRGB color coverage is there to keep things ideal.

What we liked is its built-in speakers design. Which is why, this monitor is best for leaning on to zoom meeting and conference calling. Moreover, if you are a mid-range gamer the sound of its speaker proves to be a blessing under a limited budget.

For smoother visuals quality, its anti-flicker technology is there to take care of your eyes by providing better screen output and there is also the Low Blue Light shift feature for even more ease.

Its FPS (First Person Shooter) and RTS (Real-Time Strategy), Sceptre custom set display settings enhances gaming requirement and if your are only a gamer this monitor is going to be your best pick

Additionally, the deeper and richer colors with wider viewing angles deliver the professional result for viewing, streaming and much more. You can also do little photo editing. The refresh rate is 75Hz which is a good start for many gamers to trust. Also you have smoother on-screen performance for less screen tearing and best blended graphics.

Generally, Sceptre is ideal for those users who want the edgeless monitor on desk. With more screen and less interference you also have multiple ports that serve you rightfully. It has been engineered with the two HDMI ports and one VGA port that provide up to 75Hz refresh rate! 

Also ergonomic tilting option and wall mounting compatibility lets you have greater workflow efficiency without compromising on your sitting posture at all. Overall, this is a mid-range monitor for regular streaming and light gaming. With smoother gameplay performance, deeper colors, and the enhanced display resolution you have the fuller privilege to lean on for professional tasks as well.

BenQ 27 Inch IPS Monitor
Image Credit: Amazon

BenQ 27 Inch IPS Monitor


Smart stand cable management

VESA design for enhanced workflow

Flicker-free technology keeps off eye strain and fatigue

enhanced brightness with auto adjustment

Slim design with built in speaker add value to office tasks


The menu system is terribly complicated

It’s buttons setting needs improvement

How BenQ is bringing convenience for business and office users?

BenQ monitor has been designed with one of the most decent styles that welcomes the ergonomics and user-friendly productivity.And 27 inches IPS display screen brings in the full HD resolution with 1080p. The widescreen is efficient to showcase presentations, and stream online with powerful specifications.

We liked its 250 nits brightness performance which fills every frame with even more perfection and lets you see more details with crystal-clear output. If you want a slim and smart LCD monitor for your office use, this 27 inches budget monitor with built-in speakers would never let you down at any point.

Talking about ergonomic setting, this monitor is readily offering you the most standards and optimal viewing angles with 178° that let you see from multiple angles without compromising on the display

Furthermore, this BenQ monitor has the dedicated eye care technology with the Proprietary brightness Intelligence Adaptive technology which auto adjusts the brightness as per the current viewing requirements. We like its smart controls that make it easy for the user to pick details. 

And as far as the slim bezel design looks, the most seamless design always looks decent for office working. The zero flicker and Blue light technology is another best parameter that you will hardly find in a budget monitor. For keeping off the eye fatigue, this monitor is the reliable solution!

We analyzed its performance for pro-level office tasks and the multi-panel setup for extended view and the smart space-saving base is there to add value to the desk. However, if you want the VESA compatibility design is still there to get the most out of the workflow.

Keeping its brightness and colors value in mind you can also use it for photo editing tasks!

HP M27ha FHD Monitor
Image Credit: Amazon

HP M27ha FHD Monitor


Subtle feature with durable built

Low blue light shift for efficient eye care

Wall mounting design

Integrated audio with built-in speakers


The speaker does not have volume control

Might promote color issues when connecting to MacBook 

What makes HP M27ha LCD ideal for multipurpose?

In search of the best budget monitors, we found this simplified and pretty decent choice for your personal use. Firstly, this flat panel display with full HD quality resolution and the IPS technology welcomes ultra wide viewing angles and the most quality performance.

Secondly, the vivid and bright display setting and the HP low blue light software is there to handle most of the office tasks including writing, streaming and research base tasks that demand prolonged screen time.

Furthermore, its 3-sided micro-edge bezel display screen with the adjustable viewing mode lets you experience pro-level efficiency in most of the tasks. HP is a powerful name for making monitors and similar gears, and this time, you have its budget-friendly design with the integrated audio speakers with convenient stereo audio right on the display!

If you want to upgrade your monitor for home office, the loud audio would seriously deliver you the suave and blended results. This VESA compatible monitor with the multi-display setup is the best choice when you want to add intensive multitasking, thanks to the HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA ports followed by the audio input.

Overall, it is the best budget monitor for those who want a decent and simplified monitor for seamless office tasks. With swivel, pivot and tilt adjustable settings, its screen becomes even more welcoming for pro-users.

Dell Curved Gaming Monitor S2722DGM
Image Credit: Amazon

Dell Curved Gaming Monitor S2722DGM


No screen tearing with AMD FreeSync Premium Technology

Comes with vibrant, and smart color production

165 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time keeps motion blur zero

Multiples slots for super efficient input


It’s not good with text clarity

It might feel big and huge for desk

How Dell is the remarkable offer for gamer with low budget

Curved styled displays are already stylish and fully fills the modern needs of a pro-user.  However, this Dell monitor is perfect for its refresh rate parameters as well.  Its 27 inches display screen with the QHD quality resolution is one of the best things that we found standout for the under $200 category. Unlike many monitors in this list this one is readily for professional gamer and for those who are to work on media editing, especially videos.

Also the fastest 165Hz refresh rate is one of the best bets that you get under a reasonably low budget and for streaming to playing online games, Dell would always be your first friend. It has 1500R curvature plus the durably performing stand and quality design is there to support ergonomics.

Likewise, the robust performance reduces screen tearing with the AMD FreeSync premium technology that always ensures the ideal on-screen performance for video and media playing. With remarkable clarity and prominent on screen visuals clarity, you also have the modern picture response with 1 MPRT response time.

And its 2ms gray to gray response time and the smooth pixel transition never feel as a visual artifact during fast paced media playing. You have 77% more screen value for all the right reasons from work to gaming.  

Moreover, the vivid and smart color contrast guarantees you that blacks are blacks and whites are whiter.  This QHD display screen with the sRGB 99% color coverage is one of the best deals that you can get without breaking the bank. Additionally, the display technology is TN panel and its ideal for color production and its vibrant output in each frame.

Image Credit: Amazon



Smart and stylish design with quality built

Faster refresh rate and no screen tearing with FreeSync Premium Pro 

Gaming centric design with back equalizer 

Vibrant and blended color production


Its plastic is too much thick for VESA mounting

It does not run 1440p at 120 fps on xbox series

Find out how Gigabyte can be the answer to your modern display requirements

This monitor looks dominant for professional users. You have its powerful stand and the display with 1500R curvature cast the most impressive impression for pro-level working. Since it’s a gaming dedicated monitor we have tested its performance for that.

The 27 inches display and the 1920 x 1080p resolution becomes even more powerful with VA display penal. Its ideal color accuracy is what defines its special place for gamer and many media editors.

Mainly you can lean on its visual performance for creative tasks including mid-range photo editing. Furthermore, the powerful and smoother gameplay comes with most efficient 165Hz Refresh Rate and the ideal 1ms (MPRT) Response Time! 

This is not it, you also have the competitive standards for all the right reasons with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro compatible that is super smart when it comes to keep off screen tearing,  shuttering and the most of the quality output. Also, its colors accuracy with the studio grade 127% sRGB and 91% DCI-P3 color gamut is enough to showcase you detailed colors in finest accuracy.

To keep your monitor time highly professional, GIGABYTE Classic Tactical Features with OSD Sidekick is there. Therefore, gamer have utmost privilege to play the latest games with seamless output.

Its brightness is somewhat low with mere 8-bit however it still manages to deliver you the quality results when it comes to competitive and FPS games with on-going 165Hz smooth refresh rate.

While you play fast paced games, coming across and dealing with the sudden black spots on screen is a big challenge. Therefore, Gigabyte is offering you the innovative Black Equalizer feature. It intelligently provides enough brightness to all those hidden dark spots.

There are so many other features that you will only notice while experiencing the monitor experience for gaming and more. However, our team found this one of the apt monitors under $200.

Final Verdict

We have tested several monitors for multiple tasks from gaming to pro-level office tasks and come up with those top 5 choices. Keeping the budget limit in mind, you will certainly find our sifted monitor reliable and smarter for a number of tasks.

Some of the monitors are competent at 165Hz and that is the reason you can lean on it for tear free visuals performance. And we hope this list would help you to narrow down the latest 27 inches monitors that are not more than $200!

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