Best 49-Inch Super Ultrawide Monitors 2022

Do you want to make your gaming session even more robust? Or would you like to get the edge of receiving incredibly outstanding visuals just by selecting the right monitor? We assume, yes! Only professionals can understand the productivity approach and multitasking bliss from an ultra-wide monitor.

From developers, to programming coding geeks, the larger display screen with smooth display graphics makes their usefulness highly notable when you have the incredible visuals screen on your desk. Therefore, looking for the latest and updated best 49-inch super ultra-wide monitors would never let your expectations down. For content creation, podcast making, YouTubers, moving production, and many more tasks, you are always recommended to opt for larger screens, and with a good reason!

Let’s dig deeper and find out the ground-breaking 49-inches monitors that come with uncompromised features.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best 49-Inch Ultra-wide Monitors

Buying luxuriant gear like a 49 inches monitor screen shouldn’t be random.  If you are looking for the ideal and perfect display there are some of the quality factors that will boost the buying and help you get the most out of your visual screen time. So dive straight into those quality factors right now.


A monitor with a 49 inches screen already comes with an outstanding detailed display but when you  want the specific task done on it you need to prefer the most fine resolution among this screen size.

Moreover, the display resolution should always go well with the kind of media you want to play on it. The resolution would determine how smooth an image you can see without any distortion. The display screen must come with QFHD performance to keep off blurry image formation for any media. 

Higher resolution is better and you all know it already. For larger screens such as 49 inches, the resolution must come uncompromised so that the display can fit images accordingly.

Penal type and color gamut

This display penalty is another important aspect for a 49 inches display. Although it depends more on your personal preference and desk space, a curved style display in 49 inches proves to be more worthwhile by keeping productivity on high-level. 

Moreover, eye travel and easy to operate for multiple functions also come handy if your display screen is curved. Not to mention how it helps for confined desks. Moreover, the wider color gamut such as 95 percent coverage of the DCI-P3 color space is thought to be the pro-level approach because it can hold complex color grading work.

Refresh rate

Refresh rate would determine the fluidity and the fast [performance of the display. And if you’re a gamer you cannot overlook this parameter of the display monitor. Usually if you belong to content creation, media enhancement such as video editing, or you’re a gamer of pro-level the display with 144Hz or 240Hz can be your ultimate pick that we recommend for the all-rounder approach.

Design and curvature contour

Usually the monitor comes with the privilege of stipe and its overall build that captures the desk space. Some monitors would capture less space while others would demand a dedicated space. 

The stand and the monitor curvature matters the most when you are up for a 49 inches display screen.  The design of the monitor would determine its overall installation, VESA or wall mooning performance and its adjustability for preferred viewing angles.

Many people tend to neglect, but pay proper heed to the monitor stand and that will impact on your desk space later on. The curvature is also important in the monitor which will be discussed later in this article. 

The curvature of the monitor is usually donated by the letter R and if your display monitor has the 3000R it means it is 3000 millimeters away from the display point.


Usually IPS is looked up to for its exceptional performance for viewing angle and the ideal for performance for colors. M as for VA display penal you get it all right for the business purpose however not for designer and creators. And for the latest QLED technology you have the best of the best results. So for a 49 inches display screen QLED is the best option that you should choose.

1000R vs. 1800R Curved 49-Inch Ultra-wide Monitors

A 49-inches display screen is easily equivalent to two 27 inches display screens.  However when you see this monitor has 1800r curvature you might get confused about what it is and how it leaves an impression on monitor buying! So here we are comparing the most common ones 1000R vs. 1800R and let’s see what each offers.

What is monitor curvature?

Before comparing the two parameters, let’s see what a monitor curvature in super-wide screens is. Bascially, the curvature of the curve style penalizes how the screen curves. The curvature is denoted by R. the monitor curvature is the value that tells you how deeply a screen curves. Also, the curvature ranges from 1800R to 4000R, but we shall only focus on the common ones 1000R vs. 1800R.

1000R vs. 1800R- which one is better

If you are altogether new to this, you might need a moment you understand. However, the shorter the raids are the smaller the circle will be formed; therefore, the curve will be more noticeable. In simplified words, 1000R is more curved than 1800R curvature monitor. In curvature the R is for radius. For ultra-wide monitors that have 1500R curvature, it completes a circle with the radius of 1500mm (1.5 meters), and on the other hand the 1800R display screen covers the radius of 1800mm (1.8 meters).

In comparison with both of the curvature, the 1500R would be the smooth winner. The reason is obvious. The human eye sees and has the range of 1000R and hence the monitor curvature that is closely related to that would be the ideal choice for showcasing enriched details.

Until 1800R display screen curvature, 1000R curvature used to be closely related to human vision and hence it made a better and more optimal viewing experience of any curved display. 

However, things have a slightly different approach now and for flawless viewing and getting the seamless visuals performance from the curved style display screen and 100R makes things more appealing. You don’t need to get confused. The sum up is 1000R curvature is better than 1500R or 1800R due to its enhanced focus for the human eye, easy to deal with multiple functions and many more core aspects,  however it is less curved.

Our List Of Best 49-Inch Ultrawide Monitors

Image Credit: Amazon

1. SAMSUNG 49-Inch CHG90

What makes this Samsung monitor a prominent choice for gamers?

With its sophisticated appearance and the super-efficient display performance, we like its seamless performance for gamers. This 49 inches ultra-wide monitor looks modish and its curved style screen penal makes gaming more reliable. It lets you see more screen detail without moving your head altogether.  Your eye picks more screen info and less interference. Moreover, the 144Hz refresh rate is fastest for keeping standards alive.

Its QLED screen and the resolution of 3840 x 1080p is there to bring more vividness and crisp images in each frame. This ultra-wide monitor is efficient for a number of tasks apart from robust gaming and the coloration with bold approach lets it stream with ease. Now let’s talk about its fluidity and smoothness. 

With his Samsung monitor you have the 1ms response time and the FreeSync feature ensures which means you get utmost smoothness in playing media no matter if it’s streaming or gaming. Furthermore, its 1800R curved panel is ideal for casting ceramic views for movies and other video content. The aspect ratio of this screen is perfect to fit most of the latest and trendy media with 32: 9 and keeping this monitor size in mind you will not find it any odd.

The color accuracy and the smart HDR technology add even more value to each of its visuals parameters and you get the black as blacker and white as whiter. Since it’s a gamer’s dedicated monitor, you get its swivel ensured. This monitor is one of the most in-demand options and its fastest performance values its VA penal built as well as your choice!


  • Quantum Dot technology for lifelike visuals
  • It is wall mounting for panoramic views
  • Speedy performance never keeps you on wait
  • High Dynamic Range for deeper blacker and brighter whites
  • Robust and uninterrupted gaming with AMD’s new Radeon FreeSync 2


  • Its DisplayPort needs improvements
  • Not available in G-sync

Image Credit: Amazon


What makes this gaming-rich monitor in-demand?

This is another quality ultra-wide monitor display that we tested for gaming. Its curve style penal with QHD display performance instantly doubles up with the jaw-dropping 120Hz refresh rate. Playing games with fast-paced motion, media and streaming has become more practical with even more efficiency.  You can surely optimize it for gaming genres including FPS, RTS, RPG etc. plus it’s compatible with Windows 10.

With enhanced work productivity and the quality performance for multitasking, this ultra-wide monitor by Samsung is already in-demand. Being a gaming rich display, you have its AMD FreeSync 2 technology which goes well for crisp HDR content display playing approach.

SAMSUNG LC49RG90SSNXZA is a reliable screen with the quality performance in most of the media tasks. Moreover, the horizontal screen with the HDR 1000 supported approach is positively best with 1,000 nits of brightness. Therefore, working for photo editing is also possible without much concern of color vividness, sharpness and its real-time natural performance. 

For elevated and uplifted colors, Samsung QLED technology ensures truer to life hues.  What makes it best for professional tasks and non-stop working approach is its split screen performance. With that, you get the like Picture-by-Picture (PBP) functionality already ensured and hence you can connect two devices without losing on its display quality. 

In addition to that, you have its standard flicker technology that we especially found helpful for keeping off eye strain and minimizing eye fatigue. What complements its gaming-rich performance is the compatibility for multiple devices like Laptop, PC, Desktop Computer, Mac and MacBook Pro. And it is also compatible with Xbox and PS4 which makes it even more appealing to opt for.


  • Comes with split screen functions for enhanced multitasking
  • No eye fatigue and strain with flicker-free technology
  • Tough and powerful stand evenly manages screen weight
  • Compatible with MacBook Prom Xbox, PS4, and more
  • Peak brightness for true-to-like images


  • Odd noise from the penal sides
  • Weird power issues
Image Credit: Amazon

3. Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ

How Asus is offering beyond ultra-wide performance to multitasking, and robust gaming?

If not the above monitors, you will certainly find this Asus RoG Strix a fair deal for playing latest games and multitasking in your dreams. Its appearance, luxuriant 49 inches display with curved style and the faster internal performance work together to let out the ergonomically approved performance.

This monitor comes with the efficient display performance and the 1800R curvature always makes sure to bring in flexibility for working on more applications simultaneously. The aspect ratio of 32:9 would welcome and nicely fit more display content with perfection ensured.  Moreover, the effortless 3840 x 1080p resolution with 144Hz and FreeSync 2 HDR never let you down on receiving the ideal image and moving motion on screen.  With everything quality, this monitor also comes best for user-friendly output and the flicker-free eye care technology would let you work at home without harming the sight, majorly.

Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ comes with the Displays 400 certification with 90% DCI-P3 coverage which means you get the higher color contrast with the standard cinematic hue output. Therefore, this monitor is also a good option for media related tasks. Its gaming design and features with GamePlus technology comes with the option of hotkeys. You can uplift the in-game enhancement with higher gaming skill. For connectivity you have 2x USB 3.0 and a x USB 2.0 ports.

Moreover, the height tilt, and swivel adjustable design with wall mounting approach further give you the freedom to get the most out of your display performance. This monitor is ideal for its well-blended brightness (450 cd/㎡) which makes visuals crisp!


  • GamePlus Technology for in-game enhancement
  • 144Hz refresh rate for super-smooth gameplay
  • DisplayHDR 400 certification
  • Wall mounting design for cinematic views


  • Its text clarity somewhat lacks sharpness
  • Minor backlight bleed

SAMSUNG CJ890 Series
Image Credit: Amazon

4. SAMSUNG CJ890 Series

How Samsung CJ890 is showcasing the superfine details and blazing fast motion?

If you are working on a professional task which involves complexities within, you cannot compromise on the smooth and fast display screen output. This is another well-put ultra-wide monitor that showcases and magnifies the details with vividness.

 Its visuals performance and the dedicated gaming features are amazing for next-level performance. Since it is an ultra-wide display screen its 32:9 aspect ratio fits well for most of the content and competitive gaming.

To introduce the best of the best visuals and the immersive natural viewing approach its 1800R ultra-curve screen comes with all the right reasons. This is a VA display penal and picture sharpness with clarity is guaranteed. If you want the wider display screen, its business-oriented feature would never let you down. Moreover, its performance for multimedia is also reliable.

What more you want from a business monitor is already engineered in this Samsung screen. The integrated KVM switch for better controls with the single peripheral’s set of devices and the windows 10 compatibility makes it an enhanced and upgraded choice for professionals.

Its durable design with 4-years of warranty, 144Hz blazing fast refresh rate for fluid-like motion management and the ever so upgraded feature function never let you look down on this option. With the integrated keyboard, video monitor, and mouse functionality you can operate multiple computers with single peripherals with a single button click, isn’t it amazing. Moreover, the adjustable VES compatibility, split screen ease, and many more features, we recommend you to experience its performance for once.


  • Adjustable wall mounting design for proper visuals sight
  • 144Hz refresh rate flits most of the media and gaming requirements
  • Integrated KVM switch for multiple computer controlling
  • Comes with Split screen and PiP functionality
  • Work for hours with flicker-free technology


  • Its video is fuzzy for Zoom meetings
  • The constant buzz from the audio port is annoying

Image Credit: Amazon


Find out how its uncompromised dynamic color and multitasking efficiency is helpful for designers, content creators, and entrepreneurs?

This massively display screen comes with the huge 49 inches screen which surely fills under the ultra-wide monitor category. Its finest display and the bold color accuracy come with the privilege of dynamic color performance and hence you get the most out of its colors and hue output. The robust appearance with updated features that go well from multitasking makes this monitor a reasonable choice for professionals.

Also its uninterrupted performance and support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) is appealing when it comes to receive darker blacks and prominent whites. It lets you see the detail in each frame and image if you want to edit photos using this monitor. Moreover, the multitasking approach is easy. On this VIOTEK SUW49C, you have the dual monitor setup ensured which keeps things highly hassle-free.

With its 3 year limited warranty you get durability factor pretty much assured and that is no less than a bonus when you buy a luxurious gear like an ultra-wide monitor. This monitor comes with 6ms response time ensured with overdrive enabled and the viewing angle is H178° / V178 which brings ultimate ease. 

Moreover, the color performance  comes with 16.7 million and the contrast ratio of 3000:1 you get the most ideal screen performance especially if you  have work related to media and image enhancement. Its split screen feature allows you to connect any device with HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4 or DisplayPort for even more efficient performance.

For multitasking you have its efficiency ensured followed by the reliable performance for no screen shuttering and visual artifacts. All this and a lot more becomes practical with the AMD FreeSync, PIP/PBP, Low Blue Light mode, RGB LED Backlight, Remote plus the decent Cable Management keeps your desk hassle free.

Many people are reluctant to buy the ultra-wide display just because it occupies more desk space. However, its cable management and VESA capability is there to keep things of higher standards. This monitor has several more eye catching and attention grabbing features that will keep your working preference even more productive.


  • Best for gaming with GamePlus and Overdrive
  • HDR gaming with FPS/RTS optimization
  • Compatible for split screen feature 
  • Durable design with powerful stand
  • VESA compatible screen


  • Its button underneath it makes usage odd
  • Color banding glitches

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the resolution of 49-inches monitor?

The super ultra-wide display screen and monitors are simplified in 1440p, 4k, and 1080p display results. Monitors with an ultra-wide screen come with the aspect ratio of 32:9 but resolution is something that still differs in ultra wide display. Moreover, the kind of technology that has been featured also leaves a major impact on it.

Can I split the screen for an ultra-wide monitor?

Yes, the split screen function of the monitor comes with the obvious and enhanced productivity of workflow. Although this feature has mostly screen in vertical and regular horizontal display screens, for super ultra wide monitor split screen features certainly bring in the next-level working performance.
Viewing full-size application with view content from to different computers simultaneously greatly becomes more worthwhile and on an ultra-wide monitor with panoramic views that cast reasonable impressions.

Is it possible for a laptop to run an ultra-wide monitor display?

Yes it is possible. In most of the recent laptops and their builds such as that they show positive compatibility for attaching more devices and for dual screens it makes no difference. So, for a modern laptop with all the compatibility parameters already approved, it becomes practice to run a 49 inches monitor on the laptop.

Should I go for an ultra-wide monitor?

An ultra-wide display screen monitor weighs about 33Lb and its curvature or the screen captures the desk space likewise. It needs more space than the horizontal one. With VESA compatibility you get hassle-free work, still ultra-wide monitors are not for everyone.
So if you fall under the category of content creators, pro-gamers, professional coders for programming, office work involving presentation etc you should opt for a super wide screen. On the other hand, if you just want casual browsing, a vertical monitor or horizontal one should offer you seamless performance.

Final Verdict

This is pretty much it. In search of ultra-wide monitors, we included the top choices that mostly go well for content creators, office professionals, gamers, and other dedicated tasks. However, these screens can only be beneficial for you if you have the desk space likewise.

Generally, the inclusive choices come handy when your ultimate goal is a bright, sharp, and clear image followed by smart features that boost up the multitasking approach.

We hope this list has helped you in narrowing your search. Our experts mostly focused on the better multitasking options that can easily let out pro-level visuals clarity so we recommend you to pick keeping your preference highlighted.

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