Best Vertical Monitors In 2022 (Budget, Coding, Gaming)

Vertical Monitors Benefits

If you want to get the most out of your gaming, video editing, programming etc. tasks within less desk space, only the best vertical monitors can justify that. You can certainly opt for a larger screen with narrow bezel but nothing can beat the ergonomics and incredible performance of a vertical monitor.

However it seems difficult to come up with the best portrait screen while many users are using the regular LCD screen. Therefore, to make your search easier and more precise, we have reviewed dozens of monitors to make this list. Finally we are presenting you these choices that you can not only get for regular working but also for home office usage!

So let’s not wait any further and get to the critical reviews!

Our List Of Best Monitors For Vertical Use

#1 LG 27UN850-W 

Best Pick
LG 27UN850-W
Image Credit: Amazon

This UHD screen with IPS technology is the best for vertical alignment plus its VESA compatibility is there to make workflow even more uplifted. The display screen with the 3840 x 2160p resolution and the 27 inches of overall screen space makes its quite impressive performance for reading long paragraphs, scrolling for longer times, typing and working on detailed tasks.

With narrow bezel things instantly become more and more productive. What we found as the ultimate factor for getting more best vertical monitor performance is its ideal color accuracy with the sharp and vivid output.  The refresh rate is somewhat minimal when you want to play competitive games as you have 60Hz ensured but since this LG display is a work dedicated screen you will find it to be assistive for professional tasks.

You have the Display HDR 400, sRGB with 99% color gamut! LG 27UN850-W is best for its durability factor and the half circle stand efficiently manages to distribute the weight of the screen without wobble and tripping incidents. Through the 3-side virtually borderless display you get the ergonomic angle adjustment with the height / pivot / tilt adjustable stand.  The 100 x 100mm VESA mounting approach would only hence the workflow. Overall, its text clarity and picture performance is something that you can trust!


  • Split screen and plenty of on screen controls
  • Vivid and crystal-clear resolution
  • It come with Black Stabilizer for smart visuals
  • Game mode for customized sessions
  • VESA mounting


  • No plastic covering on the monitor
  • It might have issues working with Surface Book 3

#2 SAMSUNG Odyssey G3

Staff Pick
SAMSUNG Odyssey G3
Image Credit: Amazon

If you prefer to go over style for work, this monitor by Samsung would definitely showcase some of the finest details with professional built. Its 3 sided borderless 24 inches screen with the FHD resolution welcomes the clear work detail with razor sharp text.

Being a work monitor you have the descent parameter all around it. However what we found an interesting part is its 144Hz of refresh rate which never restricts you if you want to play competitive games after work. The visuals smoothness with 1ms response time and the reduced motion blur are one of the few aspects why you would like to stick to this screen.

SAMSUNG Odyssey G3 is the trustworthy monitor screen which is exquisite in its swift visual performance with dual monitor setup. Moreover, for AMD graphics card holders, its FreeSync Premium technology compatibility comes as good news when you are looking for a screen tearing monitor. In addition, we liked its black stabilizer, game mode for customized settings, on-screen features including split screen and Radeon FreeSync technology that minimize the screen tearing effect for sure. You experience the most blended and best gaming session thanks to its Dynamic Action Sync for fast-paced gaming.

With that, the adaptive sync technology further helps in achieving the reliable factor for PC tasks and media playing. If the display screen offers smooth ergonomic tilt, it certainly helps in better sitting and viewing posture. Its flat screen, high contrast value with no color shift is another noteworthy point for users. 

This Samsung Odyssey offers you the adjustable height, tilt and swivel position which you can set as per your demand. With the VESA compatibility it further lets you see enhanced working productivity for many professional tasks. Its larger stand evenly manages the LCD screen weight and provides the reliability factor all around. From performance to its manufacturing point of view, this monitor is the good choice that we have tested for keeping professional tasks in mind.


  • Decent built with quality increase longevity
  • Flicker-free screen for no eye strain
  • Enhanced workflow with dual monitor setup
  • Fluid-like smooth visuals performance


  • No HDR supported
  • No wider viewing angles

#3 HP VH240a – Best Budget Vertical Monitor

Budget Pick
HP VH240a
Image Credit: Amazon

This is another efficient vertical monitor that comes to increase workflow. Its display screen has been engineered with the most impressive visuals performance with 23.8 inches area and the full HD 1080p resolution would! The refresh rate is 60Hz whereas the aspect ratio has been engineered keeping the standards in mind with 16:9.

What makes its vertical performance reliable is the 178° positional viewing angle that delivers you the most satisfactory output in viewing documents and scrolling long-form content with better quality. While its vertical design makes less desk space usable, this HP monitor is also offering you the built-in speakers with the loud and clear audio quality for streaming, gaming, playing and watching media and also for holding zoom meetings in a professional manner.

The display with the anti-glare technology, IPS technology and the utmost accuracy in color presentation rapidly promote better visual quality thanks to the 2 million pixels, 16.7 million colors with LED-backlit panel. Moreover, the 5ms response time lets you lean on the smooth media and gaming performance for most of the time.

And on the ergonomic front, you have HP VH240a has been manufactured with the 4-way 90° rotation for horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) viewing modes, adjustable height and tilt (-5° to 30°), and 178° positional viewing which is certainly the most highlighted reason when you want to purchase the best vertical monitors.

Also the wall mounting design and the best connectivity with the VGA and HDMI with HDCP support for laptop or multi-monitor setups is there hence you can take it for home office and professional multitasking work.


  • Anti-glare screen keep off strain for the sight
  • Integrated speaker with loud audio
  • Smooth 4-way ergonomic angle and adjusting
  • Comes with narrow bezel and IPS screen
  • No motion blur with 5ms response time


  • The screen can be brighter

#4 Dell S2722QC

Dell S2722QC
Image Credit: Amazon

If you are especially looking for a vertical display that comes with fantastic connectivity and the outstanding visuals performance this Dell monitor can be your go-to pick. Its 27 inch display looks reasonable in combination with the 4k resolution and the 3-sided ultrathin bezel that add to more screen and less shallow parameters.

We thoroughly checked and found out its best performance for versatile connectivity.  You can easily connect your laptop with the USB-C monitor and that also reduces clutter of cords. It is a single-cable solution. With plenty of ports and Free-sync technology for AMD graphics card holders; we analyzed this monitor keeping it under pressure, and the performance reliable.

For pro-level output you have its 60Hz refresh rate and 8ms Gray-to-Gray response time which work for many demanding media tasks and streaming. Overall, this monitor comes with the decent manufacturing and the modish look that values your work while being a vertical penal. The adjustable stand with the height, tilt, swivels and pivot setting you have all the right reasons to lean on its performance.

Additionally, the integrated 3W speakers for listening to your favorite tunes, streaming, watching videos, and much more are not bad. This LCD monitor is more like multitasks that take care of professional to regular tasks. Its powerful and durable stand manages the weight of the screen wisely hence you can lean on its vertical alignment for more productivity. Unlike many screens, Dell S2722QC with the PowerNap feature works toward saving energy and dims the screen brightness when you are not using it.


  • PowerNap feature to save energy and dims screen
  • Smart and modish design for vertical alignment
  • Support USB-C port
  • No screen tearing with AMD FreeSync technology


  • The audio quality feels somewhat fainted

#5 HP 24mh FHD Monitor

Image Credit: Amazon

This monitor by HP is easily the best choice for keeping things stylized and most suave in visuals performance. There are so many features that will leave an impression on the final display output. Firstly, we like its reasonable 23.8 inches display with IPS technology and 1080p resolution. The refresh rate of this screen is 75 Hz and that lets you play mid-range games and media that feature fast-paced performance.

Its wider viewing angles and the best color spectrum welcome optimal output in hues. Its FHD display, ultra-slim design of screen and the seamless multi-monitor setup is its most highlighted point that many users have claimed to be professional. With vertical alignment you can get more multitasking efficiency with multi-monitor setup!

The micro-edge display and the low blue light mode never become a reason to cause eye strain or eye fatigue even if you work for a longer house. Therefore, this vertical monitor is a recommended option for professionals and for those who have to stare at the screen for precise work. The super easy and convenient connectivity with the plenty of ports available is there featuring HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA ports.

If you do not like cord clutter or you have less space on the desk to put speakers, this monitor with its 2W built-in speakers is enough for regular streaming and entertainment with suave audio quality.  As for the adjustment front, you have the smooth navigation and tilt of the screen with 5° forward or 23° backward tilt. This monitor has everything essential included including the wall mounting design which makes it a more preferable option.


  • Low blue light shift for warmer color performance 
  • Built-in speakers for efficient space-saving design
  • Ultra-viewing angle with micro bezel 
  • IPS display technology with tilt angel
  • Lets you connect gaming and pc consoles with HDMI and DisplayPort ports


  • The picture quality may feel slightly darker

#6 ASUS ProArt Display 27″ Monitor PA278CV

ASUS ProArt Display 27" Monitor PA278CV
Image Credit: Amazon

If you are looking for a monitor that is especially efficient in creative tasks and color accuracy performance, this Asus ProArt is just for you. We have checked its color reception and this flat screen display with 27 inches of display screen would not let you down at any point.

Its 100% sRGB color gamut and the WQHD 2560 x 1440p display screen would let out impressive visuals that look reasonable for vertical screen orientation. The LED backlit display with IPS 178° wide viewing angle and the100% Rec. 709 wide color gamut would assure you to work on photo editing tasks and color enhancement projects with added professionalism.

Its versatile and highly ergonomic manufacturing is quite evident and our expert analyzed its screen ability for pivot when you want to browse in a user-friendly manner.

Furthermore, its Calman is factory calibrated for excellent Delta E < 2 color accuracy and the best connectivity performance always make sure you have utmost performance that matters for pro tasks.  This display would hardly resist doing any tasks that you anticipate for photo edit. Additionally the connectivity comes with the over USB-C with 65W Power Delivery, DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 3.1 for speedy efficiency.

Asus ProArt is a feature rich display screen and its performance for sight with low blue light and flicker technology is amazing. Also the PiP and Picture by Picture (PbP) modes would make multi-tasking even more efficient!

This monitor is especially best for its colors and media editing performance and the vertical setup further makes things seamless. The quick color gamut adjustment and  6-axis color control functionality always keep a room for customized settlement when you want to make things more adaptive.


  • 100% sRGB for better color reception
  • Artwork preview for better viewing of work
  • Ideal for multi-monitor setup
  • Customized color controls
  • Flicker-free and low blue light technology
  • Fee 3-months Adobe creative cloud subscription


  • It’s not best for gaming
  • Backlit may bleed

#7 Sceptre 32 inch (E325B-QPN168)

Sceptre 32 inch QHD IPS LED Monitor
Image Credit: Amazon

This Sceptre monitor comes with another noticeable feature that will give you valuable performance. Its quality performance and the reliability in each of the features have been appreciated by our experts and many other gaming geeks.

The larger 32 inches display with 144Hz faster refresh rate is something that instantly adds up to the gaming approach. For vertical monitor arrangement you have its adjustable height and the better screen visuals with vividness ensured.  Its 1ms of least response timing with the IPS LED display leaves no reason behind to compromise the screen output. 

This is a QHD display screen and it tells you its performance is reliable from each parameter. The modish exterior and built with luminous backlit cover to the fast yet smooth performance of its visuals movement you will certainly appreciate the engineering of Sceptre!

The sharper visibility with the quality bright screen comes with much bliss including multiple ports with the DisplayPort & HDMI 1 that efficiently deliver more than 144Hz refresh rate. Also the HDR400 (High Dynamic Range) is there to make black as blacker and white as whiter.

This monitor is best for its dominated and exceptional performance for both color accuracy and gaming smoothness. The ground-breaking 120% sRGB color gamut would never let you down at any point for distinguishing similar looking color.

If you are in the search of the best gaming monitor that can set the angle vertically with great quality we recommend you to opt for it, besides, its faster refresh rate is there.


  • Ultra-modish design with luminous back cover light
  • Faster refresh rate and 1ms response time for smooth gaming
  • Smooth adjustment for quick screen navigation
  • It edgeless design and loud speaker ork for less space
  • HDR400 with 50% brighter than SDR


  • It does not support 1440p 120Hz on Xbox Series X


Image Credit: Amazon

Through the subtle appearance and the reliable vertical performance you have the reason why this Asus VN279QL can be an answer to your home office concerns.  Its detailed visuals performance and the latest ASUS VividPixel Technology makes every frame come more natural and live. What we found noticeable about this monitor is the multi-screen solution followed by the thin 8mm bezel that further makes the active area hassle-free.

The screen is standard with 27 inches which makes its productivity ensure for a number of tasks including, writing, programming, streaming and  web browsing, writing emails and if you have less desk space, its monitor is best for sure.

Additionally the high-resolution followed by the FreeSync Premium technology makes the screen free from tearing and stuttering glitches. It is especially best for fast-paced media and games with uninterrupted output! For vertical settlement of the screen you have the tilt, swivel, and pivot height adjustments along with wall mounting.

The most amazing feature of this monitor that many regular screens would not offer is the MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) function for enhanced viewing from mobile to monitor. That is something you will certainly find an incredible boost for keeping work and performance next-level!

Vertical monitors are known for their improved efficiency for a number of tasks. Moreover, its angle adjustment welcomes every user to opt for the best sitting posture. And with this LCD monitor you will get the enhanced ergonomics with simplified function and professional design. The powerful stand for managing the screen weight and the scratch-proof design add to the valuable design.


  • Scratch-proof design for enhanced durability
  • Multi-screen solution for maximum multitasking
  • ASUS VividPixel Technology for incredible visual detail
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle AMVA+ panel adds to its vertical screen performance


  • No built-in speakers


SAMSUNG 32 Inch 4K UHD Monitor

From the very first look, this monitor is here to grab anyone’s attention. The powerful visuals with eye-catching detail and bold colors make the work highly efficient. Its 32 inches wide screen with 4K UHD resolution welcomes you to lean on editing and more detailed tasks for vertical screen alignment.

Moreover, its 3-sided ultra-narrow bezel enhances screen time. With its TUV certified intelligent eye care lets you work regardless of eye strain and eye fatigue. Besides, the text clarity becomes more standout and more appealing due to its razor sharpness.  

This Samsung screen makes every frame come to life with the ergonomic height, tilt and swivel to the point where you want. Due to its powerful and intelligent technology use you can say it as a smart gear. The auto source switch option makes hassle-free working and installation practical!

Also the Flicker-free technology is there that makes screen stability for all kinds of work!  That makes its performance even better when you have the VESA compatibility ensured. We certainly recommend its exquisite performance. For better multitasking the Picture-by-picture and picture-in-picture needs no introduction about its efficiency and quality approach.

Its HDMI support with HDR10 compatibility and 1 billion colors support would never limit your freedom to choose and work on different work be it photo editing, office presentation making, typing long-form articles, working on media edit, streaming or more.


  • Brilliant color reception and eye care technology
  • It automatically detect newly connected devices
  • HDR10 compatible with wall mounting for flawless display performance
  • Best for illustration, media edit, and streaming


  • Limited Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any monitor vertically?

Many people are confused about using a “dedicated vertical monitor”. Although each monitor has its own characteristics, classified screens perform better. You cannot use any monitor vertically.
However when it comes to the vertical alignment, the screen with ergonomic angle adjustment is only liable to deliver the best. If you try to rotate the screen if it has not been designed in a way you may end up damaging or breaking the design. Moreover, it is important to have a VESA mounting design in a vertical monitor.

What is a vertical monitor?

Vertical monitors with its enhanced work efficiency and smart output are becoming a preferred choice. These monitors have VESA compatibility and the upgraded ergonomic design so that you can set it vertically.
Vertical monitors give you the freedom to read documents and web pages without scrolling at every second and hence you get laser eye strain! A vertical monitor is simply a screen that gives you the option to set it vertically to get more screen information with less scrolling and eye movement.

What is vertical monitor ideal for?

Many people are confused about using a “dedicated vertical monitor”. Although each monitor has its own Vertical monitors are smart due to their less space occupying performance so if you have less space on a desk a vertical monitor can be your absolute choice. On the work front, coders, programmers, video editors, photo editors and writers would preferably find the most out of a vertical screen. For streaming, a vertical monitor is unbeatable. You get less hassle and more work efficiency!

Can I play games on a vertical monitor?

As a rule of thumb, many professional gamers prefer the regular display screen for gaming. A vertical screen can also be used for playing games but it significantly changes the gaming approach, viewing angle and the display appearance which is not as impressive as it would be with the landscape screen. However if you play games casually, you can lean on a portrait screen.

Final Verdict

We have made sure to list down the top quality monitors that are updated and tested by professionals. By fulfilling the work requirements, decent features and the reasonable price, we assure you to have reliability for these choices.

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