Does Motherboard Matter For Gaming?

Does Motherboard Matter For Gaming?

The importance of motherboards is inseparable. However, many newbies are still doubtful whether or not motherboard matters especially for gaming? If you ask a one liner answer to it the ultimate retort would be ‘Yes, in a way’, because it doesn’t have the direct link to gaming. But it is not as simple as it is sounding to be!

Basically, a motherboard doesn’t actually have to do with the game you are playing, but it certainly makes sure the components attached to it are working perfectly fine.

 As we all know that the motherboard is responsible to keep the computer components in sync by providing the anticipated power to work properly and keep the interaction between RAM, CPU, I/O and more in flow.  

Therefore, if you want to keep things next-level, the motherboard should be reliably perfect. What type of motherboard you are picking out is something that decides the best gaming experience in the first place.

So, if you are pretty new to all this mobo purchase and selection this article is going to be quite informative for you.  Below we are talking about its importance as well as what is the right motherboard for your gaming without adding any jargon.

Motherboard to FPS

You will see many people arguing about the link between FPS to motherboard and that does it make gaming pretty favorable and all. However, the fact is, a mobo is for communication in between it’s components_ probably that’s where the name came from ‘’motherboard’!

Since the video card and processor lean on the motherboard it is often misunderstood that gaming performance leans on the motherboard. However, overclocking can make things different.

Types of motherboard

For gamers, knowing the exact motherboard type is as important as they want smooth gaming experience. There are a lot more ranges in mobo such as ATX, BTX, LPX etc. when purchasing you definitely encounter the micro-ATX, mini-ITX, Nano-ITX and that is what the mobo type is all about.

What type of motherboard you are using will certainly affect the components it’s attached with such as graphics card and the processor. They can either perform best or bad depending on the motherboard output. Besides, overclocking of the processor also leans on the type of the motherboard greatly.

Although the motherboard will not affect the FPS in a direct sense yet it does contribute to the smooth PC output and hence you get to have the gaming experience with fast loading and quick output.

Actually there is not an apparent link of your motherboard to the game you want to play. Having said that, what motherboard does is to give a boost to the components linked to the mobo, especially the graphics card that has the direct link to the gaming.

Certainly, the combination of components is what we call a PC! So when you want to talk about the best gaming and motherboard importance, CPU is another component that matters.

Things mater in Motherboard

  • While selecting the best motherboard, always make sure of its high-end performance for overclocking. Besides, if your major concern is gaming, overclocking makes things super favorable. In addition to that, the overclocking depends on the chipset used. For instance, B350 motherboards will overclock much better than that of B450.
  • If you are picking up an AMD motherboard, keep in mind that the chipset isn’t supposed to be compatible with every CPU. The configuration of your central processing unit and chipset of the motherboard are linked to output best gaming exposure.

Overclocking in Motherboard

 For the awesome gaming experience, overclocking is the one thing that you will come across with. And for that the processor of your system makes sure that. With the doubled-up processing boost those results into the ace performance for gaming. If your motherboard selection is good enough, that will impact on the overall CPU performance to work beyond its limitations.

Parts of Motherboard That Matter

Parts of Motherboard

Aside from the many parts of the motherboard below we are highlighted components that are related to overclocking for gaming.


The chipset in the motherboard is the main info center. It maintains, handles, and processes the information to the external peripherals devices. Moreover, how many USB ports can it use on the system is also linked to this chipset on the motherboard.

CPU Socket

The choice of specific processor readily depends on the CPU socket. Moreover, the new release processors ultimately have to come to the CPU socket for which it needs to be understood. The latest CPU sockets are AM4 for AMD’s Ryzen processors and LGA 1151 for Intel’s recent processors.

PCI-E Slots

The Peripheral Component Interconnect Express slots are where you put the graphics card. Besides, a graphics card for gaming is something that makes its ultimate companion. The whole gaming experience matters when you have high-end graphics cards. In other types of slots featuring x 1, x 4 and x 8 connect other components as well such as Wi-Fi adapter and sound card.

Memory (RAM) Slots

Like the name says, the memory slot is for RAM and a standard RAM goes into that slot.  Certainly, for quick and better performance on a PC, multitasking and playing games depends on RAM. However, different motherboards come with different build styles; some offer you the two slots while some come with the total four slots.

SATA Ports

The SSD (Solid State Disk), HDD (Hard Disk Drive), CD and other traditional hard drives are dependent on the SATA ports. With SATA ports, you receive information and hence it makes things work in sync.


BIOS (Basic input/output system), the important factor in a motherboard that is responsible to execute and interact on it. For example, it makes the fan speed, hard drive in sync with visibility, overclocking and more. However, every motherboard features customized BIOS.

You’ll mess with the BIOS when you put together your PC initially but other than that you most likely aren’t going to use it much. If you need to boot into safe mode or go into overclocking then you’ll be back in there… otherwise the BIOS isn’t going to be of huge importance.

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