How Long Do Motherboards Last? – Tips to improve Longevity

How Long Do Motherboards Last? –  Tips to improve Longevity

Do you hate when your motherboard fails to keep up the performance as it had promised in the advertisement?  Me too!

But how many times have you mulled over the fact that how long the motherboard lasts? And what is the overall life time of your motherboard? This is one of those questions that many computer users have come across at some point of life.

Motherboards are pretty much strong in performance if you have picked up the quality one. But they can also be fragile if not taken proper care. It’s a rather delicate part that comes with robust performance, actually.

For instance, like anything, the lifetime of a motherboard depends on various factors such as your time of usage, how much time you spend on it and more.  

But before going any deeper, let’s find out the durability of mobo as a general guideline!

Lifespan of Motherboards

Keeping the quality factor in mind, motherboards generally last for about seven to ten years! However, with quality there are other factors that affect the durability and longevity of the motherboard greatly. 

There is not a fixed role on the mortarboard lifetime; some people have also claimed to use the same board for over thirty years! Quite a long time! Well that depends.

You can’t blindly rely on the motherboard lasting approach for seven long years if you don’t treat it carefully. After all it’s a machine and it needs your attention to work smoothly!

What exactly affects the motherboard’s performance?

Motherboards have to lean on power and the smooth delivery is as important as you want its final output. But aside from that factor, there are few more things that will or can affect the mobo to prefer in an anticipated manner.  

There a number of parameter that can affect the motherboard performance in both good and bad way such as;

  • Your computer using time, is it less or more
  • The cleaning and maintenance routine that you take care of the mobo
  • The component’s quality also matters for its durability
  • The working, is it intense and professional or just regular light PC working
  • Quality of the motherboard overall

Things That Will Ruin Your Motherboard Life Duration Even If It Is From A Brand!

If you want to keep the motherboard performance highly professional and always the best you need to keep check on those things that bring adverse effects for its smoother performance.

You might have heard of going for quality in the first place while purchasing anything, especially a mob, but after that you need to keep up with that as well. For example:

  1. Fluctuating Power

Power surge and fluctuating power to the motherboard is one of the dangerous things that can instantly shorten the durability and also cause permanent damage to the component if it was an intense electric shock.

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  1. Dust and Cobweb

It’s a shame if your motherboard has become a favourite place for cobwebs and dust. For PCs and gadgets dust and its tiny particles are poisonous. It can not only decrease the durability factor but also you will notice the random freeze, malfunctioning that are the sign for you to be humble for cleaning!

  1. Overheating

And after that, heat is another underlining thing that can affect the motherboard lifetime in a bad way. Certainly, motherboards release heat and for that you need to make a channel for its exhaustion as well. Continuous overclocking may also cause heat which is bad for the overall life of motherboards.

  1. Impact or jerk

Rough handling of a motherboard that involves a lot of shock, jerks and nudges can be fatal if you are talking about motherboard durability. Physical damage can also cause some delicate components to become dead permanently. Also if you frequently move the position of your motherboard, i.e. CPU, it can be bad for its sustainability.

  1. Dampness

Motherboards have nothing to do with liquids, moisturizers, and anything that comes slightly damp. You already know it’s a circuit board with electricity to work on. Hence, if you have it placed somewhere where it can contact with water, it can be both dangerous for you and the mobo. Besides, direct spill of liquid will cause the permanent falter right away, followed by the electric failure!

  1. It’s a good-bye!

As mentioned in the start of the article, everything has its life and there is nothing much you can do if something has reached its end.

Same is the case with motherboards. If you do take care of everything, but the mobo is already pretty much older it’s time to replace it with the perfect new one.

Wise ways to enhance your motherboard life

ways to enhance your motherboard life

It’s technology that has introduced us with gadgets and assisting methods that help you work efficiently. Now that you know what kills the durability of mobo you might be wondering how to enhance its lifetime beyond 7 years! Luckily there are pretty common ways that helps you do so, including;

  • A routine of cleaning, maybe once in a week is best for smooth performance as well.
  • Keep check on its RAM, data drive (SSD/HDD). Replace it if it needs to.
  • Do not overclock the motherboard, so often.
  • Proper channel of airflow and ventilation is crucial for heat build up
  • Installation of cooling pads for optimal performance helps a great deal.

Pro Tip

As a matter of fact motherboards come with the addition of components such as RAM, PSU, fan, SSD, and all. So it’s better to keep checking on them indivisibly. Also if you keep off alien attack, malware and viruses, it enhances the mobo performance and hence the lifetime as a whole.

 Always make sure you follow the guidelines while cleaning, or else you may end up voiding its warranty in the first place. 

Luckily, now the latest motherboard features the militia-grade durability, stainless steel PCI-E slots and much more that keep the durability around all the time.

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