How To Clean A Motherboard? Best Ways To Clean A Motherboard

How To Clean A Motherboard? Best Ways To Clean A Motherboard

How to Clean a Motherboard

Cleaning computers and laptops is something that we all do, right? But how many times does the motherboard get attention is a question.

If you are noticing poor PC performance, sudden freeze outs and bad reception, it is time to pay heed to some thorough cleaning of your mobo. However, getting physical indications such as dust, corrosion, stains and spills should be enough to alarm you.

There are many perks that come along with cleaning such as you get to have best performance, enhance lifespan of components and also the neat and clean motherboard ultimately adds to the outlook, although it remains under-cased. But if you have the classy glassy see-through CPU things become worth-seeing.

But before, cleaning the circuit board is pretty much careful. If you are opening up the computer case for the first time this article is going to be super helpful. 

Below we are talking about how to clean a motherboard or best ways to clean a motherboard without making things complex. Without wasting any more time, let’s start the process!

What do I need for Cleaning the Motherboard?

Depending on the type of cleaning, pick the cleaning assistants. For instance, if you only want to keep dust and debris out of the board or you are planning the best in-depth cleaning session.

Usually, if you are a regular PC user, you do not require the deep clean unless or until there is some sudden spill inside it. As a rule of thumb you need a:

  • Soft fabric or cotton swabs
  • Compress air
  • Vacuum cleaner with attachments
  • Brush with very soft bristles
  • Rubbing alcohol 99% isopropyl

Blow the Dust Away

Blow the Dust Away

The first and foremost thing in cleaning the motherboard is to vacuum cleans it. This is important to brush away the loose dust particles, spider web, and any other thing that comes under junk and debris. Make sure to vacuum clean it nicely. However, keep the hot vacuum several inches away so that the sensitive components do not get damaged by heat.

Use Attachment of Vacuum Cleaner

Now that you have cleaned the loose dust, use a different attachment of vacuum cleaner to make sure the tight spaces have cleaner thoroughness. Also the stubborn dust that has layered on the motherboard walls and surrounding should come off with the pressure vacuum cleaning.

Use Compressed Air

clean a motherboard with Compressed Air

After that, compressed air is the best method to kick out the dust that isn’t coming out easily. Use it on the internal motherboard components. Keep in mind to make short bursts or air so as not to damage any component. Throughout the process be gentle and friendly to the mobo!

Besides, keep the compressed air away from the direct or close burst to the components such as processor, memory, expansion car and chipsets. It can cause damage. Pay extra heed to the fan with the compressed air shots.

Deep Cleaning Of Motherboard

If you clean the motherboard every now and then the cleaning should be tough. However, if you are noticing the sticky substance, liquid or oil spill follow the following cleaning methods:

Rubbing alcohol is the common cleaning agent for motherboards, hardware and other similar devices. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it like there is no tomorrow. Being careful while dealing with motherboard cleaning plays a great role in the procedure.

Sticky Substance And Liquid Spills

For cleaning out the sticky or liquid from the motherboard, take help from the rubbing alcohol. Carefully use the cotton swab that is dipped into the alcohol and rub it onto the stain. Do not add the liquid onto the motherboard directly, you will end up regretting.

clean a motherboard with cotton swab

Therefore, it is best if you moisture the cotton swab and then wipe up the stain or spot that is your target. While cleaning the component it is best to deal one at a time and do not just rub the entire component with alcohol dipped swab randomly. The alcohol will instantly evaporate and you will get the most new and sparkling clean motherboard, right away.

After you are done cleaning, keep the motherboard in the air, away from dust of Course and let it completely dry in the natural air.

Precautions For Motherboard Cleaning


First of all, if you are cleaning for the first time, be gentle and take help from the expert. However, if you know what the motherboard is like and have all the essential cleaning agents you can continue.

Never clean the motherboard without shutting down the pc. Besides, make sure to remove or detach all the cable from its ports. Coming into electric shock or content is dangerous for the motherboard and can be fatal to you!

Another important and rather underrated cleaning thing is that if you use the liquid for the motherboard (no matter how good a quality holder it is) it is likely to nullify the warranty of the device. Liquid cleaning isn’t best when you are looking to keep the guarantee around. Talk to the company before actually using it.

Motherboard Cleaning Routine

If everything is running smoothly, how many times do you clean the motherboard? Is it when the board becomes full of dust and is no longer able to hold anymore? However, there should be a perfect routine to do so.  Talking about the expert advice, every six months is a good estimate to clean it. However, light cleaning should be done whenever you spot dust on or in it.

How To Keep Motherboard Clean to Enhance Lifespan

  • Keep the computer system at a rather cool and dry place. Avoid placing it at damp areas where the watery or muggy areas are a routine.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight for a very long time. It can promote the degradation of the plastic component and also damage the circuit board.
  • Keep the PC away from the window where the dust particles are always ready to come in.

Once the motherboard is completely dry only then plug into the socket!

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