How to Pair AirPods to Your Dell Laptop?

How to Pair AirPods to Your Dell Laptop?

Imagine you have the latest and luxurious AirPods and want to experience its suave sound ‘BUT’ sadly you do not know how to pair AirPods to a Dell laptop. Sounding like a deal-breaker right?


Certainly, the Apple brand and name comes with the luxurious and grand approach and its robust experience is something that we all know about. However, sometimes the compatibility issue may arise especially if the gear has been made to support some special gear.

We all know that the earbuds and Airpods by the Apple brand are wireless, obviously. And the prime approach for compatibility was with iOS devices and gadgets for instance the regular iPhone or an iPad.

But the good news is now AirPods also work and output the best with many other devices such as Windows computers!

So, if you have a Windows Dell laptop you need to stay tuned to the article till the end. Carefully each step to not to miss out on any part!

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So can I pair Up My Airpods With A Dell laptop?

Certainly, if you have a gadget by Apple, connecting or pairing with another iOS device becomes slightly doubtful. However, that is not the case now.  You can connect your AirPods with a Dell laptop using Bluetooth medium for sure.

It’s very obvious that the Airpods or earbuds are designed with the wireless Bluetooth technology within. But your Dell laptop may or may not feature this feature as a by-default option, especially if you are using an older version of it.

Therefore, make sure your laptop does have the built-in Bluetooth within or you use the best-powered external Bluetooth device for that matter. Unless both sides Bluetooth is in sync position you can’t link up the AirPods with the laptop!

Pairing AirPods to Dell Laptop

Pairing AirPods to Dell Laptop

Like anything, AirPods also need some prerequisite to make the connection seamless or you can say to initiate the process.

Firstly, press the small button and hold it there until you see the status light has started to blink white.

By now, you will see the’’ Add device’’ option that your AirPods will appear in your Dell laptop in the Bluetooth settings. Here you connect or pair up the Airpods with the laptop by following these steps:

Your AirPods should then show up in the “Add a device” window in your PC’s Bluetooth settings, where you can click to pair and connect.  

  1. Charge it

Before moving forward, put the AirPods in its case to ensure whether they are fully charged or not.

  1. Settings

Next step is to go to the system (laptop) from the start menu, or simple type settings there to reach the system area from where everything is handled. From there click ‘Devices’.

  1. Bluetooth or Other Devices

After clicking the ‘Devices’ you will see a side window open and from there, check and make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on. Toggle it if it’s not. Generally, the switch position should be towards the right with blue color.

  1. Add Device

Now that you have made sure of the fact that Bluetooth is turned on, and after that hit the ‘Add Bluetooth’ button in the Add devices.

  1. Open the Lid

Now, open up the lid of your AirPod case that you want to pair with your laptop.

  1. Keep the Button Pressed

Certainly, after opening the lid, you want to power on the AirPods. Press the case’s button and hold it for about a few seconds till it is fully powered on. You will see the whit blinking light on the case! There is a button on the back side of the AirPod that is responsible for enabling pairing mode.

  1. Check the Setting, Again

Next, when you power on the Airpods, it should show up in the devices available for pairing in your laptop.

Usually for the first time your AirPod appears as ‘Headphones’ and later on will change to as AirPods, a few moments later, probably, when your laptop completely analyzes it. You will definitely see the AirPods appearing in the list of the available devices, once you have clicked the AirPods.

  1. The Success Message

After all this, your Window will auto connect itself with the AirPods and a success message will pop up.  Click the ‘Done’.  Close the settings after your Bluetooth setup has finished.

That was it and there is no further step you need to follow. Now you are all set to listen to your favourite tunes or the important audio, hassle-free.

Still AirPods Aren’t Connected To The Dell laptop?

You have followed each step rightly, but still the AirPods are not connecting to the laptop, what could be the reason for that? Well, there can be the most common issues that are turning out like that such as

  • The Bluetooth is nor enabled.
  • The drivers are missing or corrupted.
  • The driver of Bluetooth is of older version that is not compatible with the latest Bluetooth of your AirPods.

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