How to Switch on Keyboard Light in HP Laptop?

How to Switch on Keyboard Light in HP Laptop?

Having backlit in your laptop is undoubtedly the luxurious feature that comes with the ‘look good and feel good’ approach. Many HP fans prefer backlit keyboard due to the premium usability that it brings along. However, not many users know how to switch on the keyboard light in an HP laptop, especially the newbies!

However, with the advancement you also have the RGB style illuminated keyboard as well. RGB keyboard is more like a gaming standard that depends on the specific model and series by HP.

To be very honest it is not rocket science to switch on the keyboard light in HP laptops, but for those who are new to this very feature, it is. So before breaking the keyboard buttons, read this article with attention!

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Check if The Laptop Comes With Backlit?

Won’t it be ridiculous to spend time on turning on the backlit while your laptop doesn’t even offer that? Sure it would be!

There are a number of ways to check that. Note that every HP notebook won’t offer you the backlit feature within. If you want to confirm that the best is to visit the HP Customer Support Center or its official website, you can also consult the manual for that matter. 

The serial number (SN) also tells about it which is on the back of your laptop’s battery. Enter the serial number on the official HP website and get all the useful information that you think would be assisting regarding the built-in backlit feature.

Usually the function keys (F5, F6, and F10) or the four arrow keys are for backlit turning on/off and marked with the symbol that shows that.

Switching On The Keyboard Light In HP Laptop

So, for HP laptop holders’ switch on the backlit is quite simple. In most models and notebooks you just have to single press the key to toggle the function.

Simply press the F5 or F4 keys from your keyboard. It should turn on the backlit right away. Make sure to simultaneously press the ‘Fn’ key (function key) for turning off, press the very same key again.  The backlit icon may be on any of the function keys, depending on the model you are using!

As you know the function keys of any keyboard are greatly responsible for multiple operations. Therefore, if you press F4 or F5 and can’t see any progress pressing the FN key at the same time is advised.

HP Backlit Laptop Customization

When it comes to light and illumination, you have the privilege to customize its brightness for sure. Certainly that is true for laptops as well. You can set the brightness intensity depending on your choice, surrounded environment.

The dedicated luminance keys are for the brightness intensity. The top row of function keys are for the flashing light symbols in most of the HP laptops.

  • First of all, make sure the laptop model you are using by HP offers you or comes with the built-in backlit feature within.
  • Go to the HP BIOS settings to search for the Action Keys and enable them if it is not.
  • Navigate the Advance and go to the Built-In Device Option. Search for the backlit keyboard timeout.

From here you can adjust the backlit timings for how long it should last.

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