MacBook VS Gaming Laptop: Which One is Good For Gaming?

MacBook VS Gaming Laptop: Which One is Good For Gaming?

If you want to relish creation, enjoy gaming experiences or want some skilled work, you don’t have to stick to a desktop computer. Most people nowadays prefer portable computers to desktop computers. The foremost stylish moveable computers nowadays are the Apple Macbook and a variety of Gaming Laptops.

However, many customers might be confused about picking the best laptop. If you explore the market, you are probably wondering about an excellent gaming laptop or a MacBook.

There are many misunderstandings concerning the selection of laptops. You might get confused due to a lack of technical knowledge regarding laptops, and just by your trust in the advertisements and paid reviews, you invest in the wrong laptop.

The most common question popping into your mind while purchasing is, Which one is better for you, either a MacBook or a gaming laptop? However, Both laptops are equally powerful, but What actually makes the distinction between them? Which one is better for games and has outstanding speed? Which one is worth investing for a professional point of view?

In this concern, we have compiled each aspect in this write-up to clear every point precisely.

MacBook For Gaming

Macbook for Gaming

The MacBook has been around since 2003 and has quickly become one of the best-selling laptops globally. These processors are found on almost every laptop that is sold. 

If we talk about speed –by comparing  MacBooks directly against their CPU competitors, they will beat any computers in the first go. Now, Apple claims they have implemented new silicon chips into the newest version of MacBook Air. 

Some of the recent benchmarks show that MacBook will give users a lightning-fast experience. With 11 hours of battery life, MacBook Air is an excellent machine in terms of being very light on weight. For example, if you watch Netflix on this machine, you will enjoy amazing visuals of movies and TV shows.

The latest MacBook Air is Apple’s popular laptop computer due to competitive evaluation and options. The M2 chip model has associate updated style with MagSafe and a notched display. The MacBook is Apple’s most well-liked laptop computer with its mixture of performance and portability. The MacBook introduces a replacement style with additional ports and improved Performance, whereas the MacBook with an M1 chip continues to be available at a low entry price.

Since the lowest value for a Macintosh laptop computer, the MacBook has been a preferred selection for the education and business market. Apple targets lower costs and portability for upcoming latest laptops. 

The M1-powered Macbook brought much-improved performance and battery life. Apple secures up to 3.5x quicker process power than the previous generation, with up to 5x the graphical performance. Its battery will last up to 15 hours with internet browsing. This update additionally removed fans and granted silent operation.

The M2 processor is up to 18% quicker than the M1 and has a Media Engine for improving video editing and exporting in any format. You get entirely different distinctive colors and engaging styles within the latest MacBook. 

Gaming Laptops

Gaming Laptop worth it

As the name suggests, Gaming laptops are best for gaming. They have an attractive design, RGB keyboard, and better RAM. The gaming laptops feature the best, quickest, and latest possible graphics. Gaming Laptops are best for windows games, but we can use them for professional work. It is more expensive than standard laptops but satisfactory in performance.

A gaming laptop is a portable laptop with a built-in GPU and is intended to allow gaming no matter user is at home or anywhere outside. A gaming laptop is fundamentally a more powerful laptop; that’s why it uses more battery than standard laptops.

The high-specification hardware in gaming laptops sets them apart from traditional laptops. Games such as Call of Duty, PUBG, Free Fire, and Grand theft V are too demanding, and handling them on a standard laptop would result in a low-grade gaming experience. 

Gaming laptops are very portable and are the perfect choice for Desktop gamers who love to relish gaming experiences everywhere. 

Due to high-speed processors and more RAM than normal laptops, they are much better at multitasking. This means you can run several programs simultaneously at a very high speed. Their powerful hardware manages all types of light and heavy software.

Many gaming laptops include a touch screen, but most gamers love to use controls independently; that’s why leading gaming laptops don’t feature touch screens.

The most renowned and most promising gaming laptop brands are

  • MSI
  • Razer
  • Acer
  • Asus
  • HP

MacBook vs Gaming Laptop: Comparison Chart

FeaturesGaming LaptopMacBook
Weight Heavy than normal laptopsLight 
Cooling SystemAverageExcellent
Display15.6 or larger13.6 normally
CPUIntel i7,i9 or AMDApple M1 chip or M2 chip
GPUNvidia GeForce latestApple M2 GPU (8-core)
RAM32 GB or 64 GB16GB or 32GB
Storage typeSSD(M2)SSD(M2)
TouchpadPlastic Glass

Differences Between MacBook and Gaming Laptops

The MacBook and gaming laptops have got some differences. The biggest distinction is that the keyboard of the MacBook comes with TouchBar. This feature lets you tap on elements such as your cursor or pointer to activate more function buttons in case you need to go back to use an action you did earlier on the screen. 

Apple also uses this particular bar for other features, which can be used for quick access anywhere you want. But many other important features make using the MacBook even better. Also, this device offers much higher performance than its predecessors.

For the best gaming experience, the MacBook uses M1 and M2 chips and 8GB RAM. Compared to a gaming laptop with Nvidia GPUs, the MacBook handles 3D rendering extremely well. 

Also, if you are a long-time gamer and want something portable to play games, then the MacBook would be good enough. You can store all your files in this device in compressed form without any worry about the system’s performance while playing games because this machine comes pre-installed with a built-in SSD.

However, gamers might feel uncomfortable upgrading graphics cards in their motherboard since many laptops come with an SD card slot. Although both these machines offer the same ports. We are comparing the two most popular models on which the MacBook and gaming laptop differ in terms of design, specifications, functionality, and compatibility with external devices. 

To understand more deeply, let’s move on to the discussion of key differences between both devices.


The performance of a MacBook or a Gaming laptop is determined by the gaming experiences you get while working or playing various games.

  • CPU:
    The gaming laptop has a powerful intel i7 or i9 processor with 14 cores, and some gaming laptop use AMD processors. On the other hand, MacBooks use Apple M1 or M2 chips with 8 cores.
    In the case of the CPU, both are nearly equal in speed.
  • GPU:
    Most Gaming laptop use Nvidia or GeForce’s latest GPU with 6GB, 8GB, or 16GB capacity, which helps them to enjoy the latest games without any interception, while MacBooks use Apple M2 GPU with 8GB capacity.
    A gaming laptop is a winner in the case of GPU.
  • SSD:
    Both laptops use SSD(M2) with different capacities. Normally gaming laptops come with 1TB or 2TB storage. MacBooks come with 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, or 2TB.
  • RAM:
    Gaming laptops come with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB DDR5 Ram. Their clock speed is 4800 MHz normally and is upgradeable and contains 2 slots. We can upgrade them to 64GB.
    MacBooks come with 8GB, 16GB, and 24GB LPDDR5 Ram. Their clock speed is 5200 MHz, and most are not upgradeable.
    In the case of RAM, gaming laptops win the race
  • Battery Life:
    Both laptops normally use Li-Po batteries with fast charging. Their capacity may b vary; some Gaming Laptops use an 80Wh battery, while most Macbooks use a 52Wh battery.
    MacBooks battery life is much better than gaming laptops. Most of them last for 4 to 5 hours while gaming continuously.
  • Ports:
    Apple MacBook slim design does not feature multiple ports. To attach an external mouse keyboard or any hard disk, we must purchase an extra dongle. Gaming laptops normally has several ports, such as USB-A, USB-type-C ports, HDMI port, and SD card reader port.
    A gaming laptop is always the winner in the case of ports.
  • Longevity:
    Both laptops use metal casing. When we talk about software MacBooks, take advantage of using macOS. Most gaming laptops use windows OS, which installs much unnecessary software that slows down laptops. As time passed, we needed to upgrade our laptops or purchase new gaming laptops to run our latest games smoothly.
    So in the case of Longevity, our vote goes to MacBooks.
  • Keyboards and touchpads:
    Gaming laptops’ RGB keyboards look stylish and attractive. On the other hand, MacBook’s keyboard has a decent look. Both laptops are good for typing. But the MacBook magic touchpad has so many gestures and functions here, the MacBook wins the vote in terms of the touchpad.

Why is MacBook Best For You?

MacBooks have been around us for many years and are getting better with each update, and now they are one of the most popular laptops. They are in demand because they have great features, are easy to use, and have slim, sleek designs. 

Apple spent many years building the social status of the MacBook. When people see you with a MacBook, they have professional or creative thoughts about you. 

MacBooks are known for their longevity and resell value. Apple always continually supports old devices with new software updates. It not solely protects you from security threats but also keeps you from obtaining new features on your MacBooks. MacBooks retain their worth after many years.

MacBooks come with quite secure macOS and have a variety of applications that only runs in macOS.One of the best features of MacBooks is its magic trackpad. Its trackpad is much better than other laptops and provides a quick response. It has many useful gestures which increase your working speed and reliability. Its speakers give you competitive advantages over any other non-apple laptop with impressive sound quality. 

These features make MacBook way better and worth investing in than any other non-apple laptop. 

Why is a Gaming Laptop Best For You?

Gaming laptops have significant hardware power, and you can carry them anywhere you want. A gaming laptop should be your top choice if you are a professional gamer and want to enjoy fps games. Its high specifications and latest hardware make it easy to enjoy any video game. 

Different companies design a variety of gaming laptops. They are unique due to their stylish design, RGB keyboard, and powerful hardware. With the latest gaming laptop, you can easily relish your gaming experience.

Gaming laptops are not merely used for gaming but for many other purposes; for example, you can also use them for office work or entertainment. They are so fast that you can easily use them for professional ambition and gaming.

Their screen is usually bigger and has a high GPU. Gaming laptops have high resolution and refresh rate than standard laptops. They have a decent number of ports which helps in connectivity.

Gaming laptops are known for their maxed-out specs, features, and functionality. They are best for gamers, 3D artists, and video editors.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to get a gaming laptop or a MacBook?

Gaming laptops are best for games, 3D artists, and graphic designers; on the other hand, for professional office or study work, MacBook is the best to pick.  MacBook’s cooling system and ecosystem make it much better than gaming laptops.

Why are gaming laptops not recommended for professional work?

We can use gaming laptops for professional work, but using such a powerful machine for small tasks makes no sense. 

Are Macbooks worth it for gaming?

Yes, we can enjoy gaming on MacBooks, but we might not get the best and smooth experience compared to professional gaming laptops. Most gamers like to use controllers and computer mouse, while MacBooks don’t provide us with many ports to support some additional devices.

Are gaming laptops better than Macbooks?

In some aspects, gaming laptops are better to choose from; for example, you can easily play and enjoy all the latest games on gaming laptops, whereas playing Windows-based games on Macbook is difficult.

Why does everyone rush toward buying powerful laptops? 

Well, it all lies within its incredible power and low price tag. Since the year 2007, MacBooks have been available from $500 to $2000 all over the world. When you combine this high performance with a lightweight design, it leaves no doubt that MacBooks are indeed the perfect companion when it comes to gaming. This statement holds true even today since manufacturers now release MacBook Pros, MacBook Air, MacBook Mini, etc., for low prices.


The MacBook is not the best option for gaming. We cannot ignore anything mentioned above so far. Gaming laptops always have better hardware support. With proper cooling vents, the Gaming laptops run smoothly and don’t heat up too fast. Compared to Windows 10 or Windows 11 machines, it doesn’t matter which OS you choose. A lot of professionals love the macOS ecosystem. As a result, Apple laptops are usually faster than Gaming laptops and are best for professional and study work. Also, if you want excellent sound quality, you should look at the MacBooks.

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