Monitor Shuts off When Playing Games: How to Fix it in Easy Steps?

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Monitor shuts off when playing games; this is perhaps the one single issue that almost every game has experienced. Monitors and displays often come across glitches during the performance, sometimes the glitches are complex and need to set the internal configuration such as aspect ratio or brightness level.

However, if it instantly shuts down without a beforehand warning that can really scare the user. Usually, if the display goes to a blank screen you would check the cable connection, power check, screen functionality, and other apparent parameters. However, if the LCD is only shutting off during gameplay, it should be tackled more precisely!

So, today we shall exclusively shed light on how to fix it in easy steps that will surely bring in the uninterrupted gaming sessions!

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Why Monitor Shuts off When Playing Games?

As mentioned above, the problem of shutting monitors during gameplay can occur as a result of many reasons. It is something that is not unusual. But when you are looking for the solution, finding out the reason for the issues can make things more understanding and comprehensive. Here are the possible reasons that are shutting down the screen especially when you play games on it.

Obsolete drivers

Using old and outdated technology has its own cons. And one such con is not performing smoothly. So if you are anticipating smoother and smart display performance but facing instant shut-off while playing games the reason can be the outdated drivers. This is the most common reason why your monitor is shutting off automatically when you play games, especially the competitive ones.

Problematic Hardware

If your PC or gaming rig has a faulty hardware component, there are high chances that you will face issues like a sudden shut-off of the monitor while you play games. Faulty hardware will shut off the display probably without any warning or signs. However, to confirm if the hardware is problematic or not you can remove the hardware and check if the result is still the same!

Hiked up temperature

The temperature that is over the limit can make the machine and internal function go towards the malfunction. It is pretty common that when the PC or display has reached the apex temperature the smooth working and performance have their impact.

Although the latest technology is pretty efficient to keep temperature and heating issues at their lowest level, exact usage of an hour of switching on time may result in glitches. Moreover, the latest smart technology auto shuts off the screen if it detects overheating issues.

Mow, you might ask why it happens only when I play games and not work. This is probably because gaming uses all the PC functions, especially the GPU and that consumes more power than any other regular task. For PC it’s rather challenging to keep on showcasing display, maintaining resolution, keep up with heavy software, etc so your monitor shuts.

How to fix it in Easy Steps

Those were the possible issues and reasons that can cause the monitor to shut down; however, not the solution. So let’s dive straight into the solution!

Get Rid of Overhearing

If you know the problem, solving it becomes way easier and more practice. So if your monitor is getting shut down the moment you play a game, make sure it doesn’t heat up too much. But how will you do it?

Open up the cooling system and thermal paste. Make sure it is properly cleaned and if not clean the dust and junk without waiting anymore. Also, make sure the processor heat sink is placed snugly and has no dirt on it. To avoid heating problems, you should also pay heed to the power supply fan. The fan is responsible for ventilation and cut-back build-up heat so make sure it works properly and smoothly.

Keep Up-To-Date

Most of the time, old drives become the reason for many adverse factors. The graphics card must be smart and feature the latest drives for smooth output. As a rule of thumb, you should keep your graphics card driver updated. For manual fixing, you can download and install the drivers as all users do. Also, you can download the auto driver update software that does that for you and can always keep your drivers updated.

Reseat the Video Card

Another solution that can possibly help you get the monitor display back on a constant basis is the restarting of the video card. For that, restart the video card and the power cables on it. Detach the graphics card along with PCIe slots and make sure it is cleaned to the core from every dust particle.

While installing it, keep the proper connectivity ensured and try to turn on the PC. Preferably that should sort out the issues and your display would no longer shut down while you are playing games.

Check out the Connection

If everything is in place, cleaner, and working fine, the issues with the power cord. Usually, when the display shuts down it can be due to the poor cable connectivity. 

And if your display monitor has a spark the moment you put the load on it and when you play heavy games that use more GPU, the screen can result in a shutdown approach. So all you have to do is to keep the cable connection tight and properly attached. 

The power cable, HDMI cable, and others must be in place. One thing to keep in mind is if you are using a UPS connection and that gets overheated, it can also leave an impact on your monitor in the form of getting it shut down.


The monitor can go to shutdown mode or the screen can flicker to the various backend issues. First of all, you need to make sure the internal configuration, aspect ratio, resolution settings, and the other parameters are in the right place. We hope you will find this article helpful and insightful!

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