What Is Nano IPS? Everything You Need To Know!

what is nano ips

With innovation in technology especially for display screens, you get to see more and more clear displays by each passing year. There was a time when IPS (in-place switching) was new to everyone. However now there is yet another improvement by the name of Nano IPS display screen technology. 

Although regular use won’t seemingly find the difference between these two innovations, if you are someone who has to deal with photo editing, CAD/CAM work, videography tasks, cast-paces and competitive game playing, you will ultimately need a high-end display monitor.

In this post we shall take a deep look at what Nano IPS is and what real it has bought for the gamers and pro PC users. We shall take things step by step and first we shall find out what the IPS screen is. Let’s read on.

What is an IPS Screen?

If you are altogether a newbie to this tech jargon, you might be wondering about what this IPS screen is in the first place. To put it in simpler words, it is the technology that enhances viewing angles, colors and the performance for refresh rate.

For screens, a liquid crystal layer is placed on the two glass surfaces. In that approach, the molecules are placed or lined up parallel to the glass surface horizontally. It promotes the better and uplifted viewing angle, colors coverage, and the accuracy in hues placement.

What is Nano IPS?

Nano IPS screen technology is a remarkable addition to the displays. It is actually the upgraded and better version from IPS, especially by LG. It works when applied to the backlit screen of an IPS display. It lets out the wider color gamut that welcomes more than 98% DCI-P3 or 135% sRGB color space that makes things ultra-vivid and more natural than it was with an IPS screen.

How does Nano IPS work?

nano ips LG

The Nano IPS technology works with nanoparticles (that’s why it is called Nano IPS). These particles are applied to the LED backlit of an IPS display screen and then these particles absorb the excess light wavelength to amplify the color gamut. Therefore the ultimate results become sRGB gamut size of ~135% sRGB and 98% of the wider DCI-P3 coverage.  Since Nano IPS brings a wider color gamut you get to see the vibrant and crisp images on screen that are pleasing to the sight.

What is the difference in LG Nano IPS and Samsung Quantum Dot: TVs

Talking about the efficiency of Nano IPS it will be helpful taking its performance on television screens. Although an IPS screen is efficient in many respects, VA display penal is still one of the unbeatable quality types that are leaned on for contrast ratio. Besides, IPS screens lack the quality blacks when you compare it with most VA and TN display screens.

Samsung has introduced the quantum dot technology that is what we know as QLED displays. There are few models of television and monitors that feature the quantum dot technology by Samsung. This layer is applied between the LED backlit screens and the penal (just like Nano IPS) and it elevates the color efficiency and gamut by making it reasonably bright.

However if you compare both of these technologies together, QLED television gets the pick for its higher contrast ratio then that of Nano IPS TVs. That said, LG is not lacking any behind and it has introduced the OLED technology in compensation with QLED. Hence, OLED televisions are an optimal solution against quantum dot technology and QD-OLEDs!

Nano IPS vs Quantum Dot

Both of these technologies, Nano IPS by LG and quantum dot technology by Samsung, have their place. In monitors, QLED and Nano IPS monitors are exceptional in their performance and there is no doubt about it. Therefore, if you want to pick either of these display penalties it will only depend on your personal preference and choice of the company i.e. LG or Samsung.

However IPS display technology is winning the competition due to the color accuracy, color consistency and of course the viewing angles. Mainly it goes well if you are a professional PC user. Another quality parameter for an IPS screen is its fastest response time which is what goes well for professional gamers. So in comparison with Nano IPS and quantum dot, IPS will be the recommended option, depending upon the fact if you are a gamer or professional user.

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