What To Do With An Old Laptop and Computers?

What To Do With An Old Laptop and Computers?
What To Do With An Old Laptop

You might have wondered how to properly use up those old stacks of books and magazines, but have you ever thought about what to do with an old laptop and computers?

It goes without saying that we all like to upgrade no sooner when we listen to a new and latest arrival of technology or a version of previously using software that is now losing its compatibility for whatsoever reasons.

Besides, laptops and PCs are so in-demand by games that every now and then you listen to a new innovation in its graphics, processing speed or features. Certainly, all this hype tempts you to opt for another computer, but what about that ‘aged’ computer?

And let’s just assume you have, but what was the conclusion, through away?  Although commonly pass by your ‘legacy’ to someone or maybe keep it to rot! However, there is much more you can do! Want to know what to do with your older PC?

Put on your detective hat and give this article a thorough read. In this article we shall explore and find out the answer to this.

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Reusing Of Old Laptop

Laptops are everywhere. And that makes the quantity much more than that of a computer.  Since laptops and computers are two different things, let’s take note of laptops first.

  1. A Photo Frame

It would be creative and fun to use your older laptop as a digital photo frame. And for that you have to dismantle the laptop from scratch.

Make sure to detach the extra parts so that the laptop’s circuitry board and the screen can fit easily into the shadow box. Laptop as a digital photo frame serves in a variety of ways such as to showcase the slideshow of photos and also you can use software like Windows DVD Maker and Photo Story 3.

  1. As A Gaming Server

Old laptop that is in working state can also be used as a gaming server. If you are one of those who play multiplayer games, you can use your old laptop as a gaming server by connecting the laptop to the internet and then to the gaming PC. However, it is essential for the older laptop to support Counter-Strike, STEAMCMD, and ARK to be a server in the first place. Otherwise move to the next solution.

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  1. Get Benefits From Its Components

You can still use your laptop if it is totally dead! Use it as an external hard drive easily and keep it in use like a wise tech savvy. For that insert the hard drive of the older laptop to the external hard drive enclosure and make it as a plug-and-play device.

Or if your laptop features the DVD drive, it would be best to shift it into an external DVD drive by the enclosure help. Besides, if your new laptop doesn’t feature the DVD drive this can be pretty much helpful.

  1. Use As A Monitor

Another worthwhile use of the older laptop is to use it as a monitor. External and additional monitors help a great deal especially if your work involves graphics, gaming and editing. Also for writing reports or essays, analyzing the information etc. you will find the use of external monitors greatly assisting.

  1. Be a Giver

It doesn’t matter if you can’t think of a creative or useful way to use your older laptop. It would be quite a helpful deed if you hand over your laptop to someone who needs it or many gifts. Besides, keeping the laptop unused sounds ridiculously foolish.

  1. Security Camera

Many laptops do come with a camera on the lid and that can be a useful way to keep an eye on what’s going around. Besides, you can download assisting software in that regard such as iSpy! For remote access it would definitely be a great idea than to just throw away your laptop.

Reusing of Older Computers

Computers are big and more powerful than that of a personal laptop that is portable. Therefore, recycling or reusing PCs is different too. Here are a few of the easy ways you can use a PC in order to keep them in use.

  1. Make it a Network-attached Storage

To make use of your older computer, you can make cloud storage by turning the PC into NAS. It assures you of the best security for your precious data, file and more.

It’s easy access for videos, photos library gives you privilege for quick and user-friendly access anytime you want. You can make your own NAS system by FreeNAS, and Tonido. FreeNAS is open-source software whereas Tonido allows you to keep your private cloud storage.

  1. Get the most out of it

If you have an older computer that is in working state you are blessed to keep it as an experimental box. For instance you can run Linux.

Certainly making a dual storage is something that leaves many people double-minded for opting for it. Therefore, if you have a computer that is no longer in use it can be in use. Also its built-in support is supportable for older hardware!

  1. Make that old box as a Teacher

You definitely have that one ‘someone special’ who unfortunately doesn’t know how to handle tech. well having a dislike is a thong but the complexity kind of scares them.

So if you have your spare computer you can literally dedicate it to that family member to use from level one. Besides, if you want to keep the setting safe, you can also lock the window so that they don’t install anything prior to making you aware of that.

  1. Go Gaming

If you are one of those who like that old school gaming or maybe you have someone around who likes to play those oldie Goldie 2D games you really don’t have to have a robust PC for that. Besides, when your old desktop computer can handle light games, why not?  Simply install window 10 and make it ready for games you want!

  1. Dedicate its Usage

Usually older computers aren’t that fast, however, if you use them wisely they can be. Simple limit its use and dedicate the purpose of usage. For example, you can dedicate to Skype calling or video conferencing.

  1.  Make Money

Making money from something that is no longer in your use doesn’t sound like a bad idea, right? If your computer is working but you don’t want it anymore because of upgrading or any other reason, you can certainly sell it.

While donating is the best thing you can do, selling it isn’t bad either. After all, it’s your old box that does work, still! Backup your data, erase the data from the hard drive and remove any accounts that are existing from that old box, if you can’t make it any more useful.

Important to Note

Useful or not, never ever throw your laptop in garbage or trash it. According to the EPA, discarded laptops, computers or other electronics are a serious land, water and air threat. It’s bad for overall global warming. Besides, it is not best for your security as well.

Then What To Do?

If not throw then what to do with that dead laptop, well, make sure to clean the hard drive before disposing it off. After that, take the laptop or computer to the local recycling center or to an electronic store where recycling service of electronics is offered!

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of other ways to reuse your laptop or computer. If you have one of the older PCs tangled in dust or cobwebs, it’s time to keep it clean and use it like a smart user.

However, if you can’t really find these tips to be your desirable option to opt for, you can always charity your laptop, give it to someone or in the learning school.

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